The Inorganic Engineering Materials such as steel, ceramics and refractories cover all the strategic industries and are key materials for energy sector, machine and plant construction, transportation, building industry etc. The true understanding of mechanical, thermal, chemical, and functional properties at nano-, micro- and macro-levels followed by the chemical and physical interactions at interfaces/surfaces of the inorganic engineering materials is an unlimited tool for their continuous development and technology optimization.



The M.Sc. in Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials is a comprehensive masters programme offered by the oldest mining university in the world, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

TAIEM graduates will be able to:

  • solve general and specific problems in the steel and refractory producing industries
  • select a suitable steel and refractory materials for a specific application
  • evaluate properties of steels, ceramics and refractories on several scales and estimate their behavior under real industrial conditions
  • detect and solve problems relating to the technology and applications of refractories and steels
  • manage a technology-oriented research project